1,000 (and 3) fans!

YAY for me. My buisness, k.maedesigns, just hit over 1,000 fans on Facebook. I'm so excited. It all started about 3 years ago with my friend Sondra Mae and a candy corn dress. For a year or so, it was just a small thing making items for friends. I remember being at a bible study group and we were all asked the question what do you want to do for a job, if you could do anything? I said sew for a living. Well, a move to VA, 3 new embroidery machines later, here I am. A real, actual buisness. With paperwork, Quickbooks, and checks to prove it! I'm a little over halfway through my first year being "official". Thank you to all the friends and family who encourage and support me. Thank you to all the customers who purchase from me. Thank you for being patient with me as I learn and grown. I strive to make each item better than the last. I try to pride myself on customer service - if it's not right I will try, try, again. Where do I go from here? I guess only time (and taxes ha ha) will tell. I hope to keep growing in knowledge and customers though! Ryan is always pointing out buildings where I could set up shop down the road. Could be fun - sell fabrics, sew all day, maybe teach some classes? Who knows! But I'm loving the journey!


shahanara said...

Thanks for your fantastic fun!!

Michelle Gatewood said...

I ABSOLUTELY love your little girl clothes on your facebook page. They are gorgeous. I will have to buy something for my little girl!!!
Keep it up!
Thank you,

Please write a review on my blog (I am new!)

Steve Finnell said...

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