PJ Pant Pre-Orders

I know i brought up the PJ pant close to the holidays this year. BUT there will be great sales on Christmas/Winter fabric soon so take advantage and buy some now! I made an adult large, adult medium, and child's size 3, 3, and 4 with 8 yards of fabric. I paid $24 for that when it was full price, so you could get some steals now.

Anyway, purchase your fabric and my labor is $10 per pair of pants! This way I have all year to work on them, LOL. I can do the matching applique shirts as well for an additional $5 if you provide the shirt.

I can purchase fabric and it would be $15 per pair.

Matching pants to wear on Christmas morning makes for great pictures!
Available in child size 1-14, and adult S-XL.
Need 1-3 yards depending on fabric width and size.

Shown in L, M, and child XS.

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